Metal Pricing​

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     Clean: $0.19 - $0.39                Alum Radiators: $0.14

     Dirty: $0.04                               Car Rims (clean): $0.40

     Alum/Cu Radiators: $0.85      Bare Wire: $0.30


     #1: $1.74                                    Insulated CU Wire: $0.20 - $0.78

     #2: $1.48                                    Sheet CU: $1.36

     Cu Radiators: $1.15


     Yellow/Bronze: $1.25               Red: $1.50

Stainless Steel

     Non Magnetic: $0.30


     Lead-Acid: $0.17


     Clean: $0.34                               Wheel Weights: $0.06

Ferrous Metal

All pricing based on a NT (net ton) which equals 2,000lbs

The above categories represent a generic list - we accept all types of metals
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​Pricing Updated 10/01/19

Non-Ferrous Metal

All pricing is based per pound

​Metal Recycling, Box Rental, Demolition Specialists, Equipment Movers
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Cars/Trucks/Vans/SUVs: 60NT

     Can be brought to us but...

     We can also pickup but call for pricing, it's                               different

Shredder: 60NT

     Tin, Home Appliances, Sheet Metal,                            Lawnmowers

Unprepared Iron: 60NT

     Iron over an 1/8" thick

Torching: 40NT

     Items we have to cut with a torch

Short Iron: 95NT

     Pieces of iron that are less than 3' x 2' and at least               an 1/8" thick

Rotors: 100NT

    We pay short iron price unless you have 500lb or more

     Car / truck rotors, small brake drums and hubs 

Diesel Motors: 70NT

Gas Motors: 80NT