What is a Net Ton versus a Gross Ton?

A Net Ton is based on 2,000lbs and a Gross Ton is based on 2,240lbs.

  • For example if you have a 2,500lb load and are quoted 150NT you would receive $187.50. If you were quoted 150GT you would receive $167.40 because it takes more weight to make the Gross Ton. So when you are calling around for quotes, make sure you know if it is a Net or Gross Ton

​What is Short Iron?

We consider short iron anything that is under 3ft by 2ft and at least an 1/8” thick

What are the scrap prices?

Scrap prices change regularly so we would love you to call us, you can check out to National Scrap price average at www.southernresources.com/compare-prices (Please note that we are not affiliated with Southern Resources, we just really love their website!)

Do we sell tires?

Absolutely! Just give us a call with the size and we can check our vast inventory.

When are prices going up?

We wish we knew too! Unfortunately, it is hard to gauge when prices will rise and fall, keep an eye on the national prices and ours should be pretty comparable.

Do we pick up cars?

Yes, please call us for a quote (716) 492-3936

Do we take house trailers or campers?

We do take them, but you have to pay for the disposal. We also provide demolition services for your convenience. Call for pricing.

Do we sell parts?

We sell many aftermarket parts: headlights, mirrors, etc.  If we have the vehicle here in the yard, we are willing to sell any parts off of it that you may be looking for. Give us a try, you never know!

Do we take tires?

We do take tires for a fee. Call us for a quote (716) 492-3936

Should I separate my metals (aluminum, brass, copper)?

The more you separate, the more you make when you deliver your load to us

…Are you wondering…

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