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  • Provide boxes for estate clean ups, remodeling debris, unwanted shingles
  • Demolition jobs, large or small
  • Move equipment for your convenience

Consistent, dependable, efficient performance

With over 25 years of expertise in our business area – Contact Previty’s or L&R today!

Our sister company, L&R Roll-Off, Inc. can:

  • Sell new and used antifreeze here at our facility
  • Towing vehicles
  • Sell steel, or any metal, for any project that you may have
  • Sell “new to you” tires and some aftermarket parts
  • Have a variety of garden tractors and lawn equipment
  • Fundraising opportunities

Previty’s also does other things besides paying you to dispose of your scrap. Listed below are some of the other things that we do:

Our Services

We pride ourselves on the recycling and processing of materials that could otherwise be lying around and “littering” our earth.

Over the years Previty’s Auto Wrecking has become more focused on scrap processing. In other words, when scrap metal comes in, we process it so it is ready to be recycled into something new. We accept any and all types of metal: ferrous and non-ferrous.